Soapstone Howling Wolf (Totem Animal)

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Hand-carved Soapstone wolf from Peru. 
2.75” x 2.5” 

Calling upon the Spirit of the Wolf . . . "Wolf spirit guide is a shape~shifter he adapts to the energies of the forest.

Wolf is a trailblazer and pathfinder by nature led by his intuition deep into the dark forests he knows the way." 

When the Wolf howls to the moon, it is the truest essence of the Call of the Wild. 

It is the call of a hunter, a restless Spirit, it is the call of the longing of the heart, it is the call of the yearning of fulfillment, or it is the call of I AM, the Call of the Wild is many things.

When Wolf is howling at the moon, it can symbolize that he or she is calling upon the guidance of Great Spirit to awaken the mystical insights and intuition to locate the path of it's hearts desires.