Candle Quartz

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Candle Quartz is an ancient variety of Quartz that has a single terminated point. It is a family of smaller terminations flowing around the face of the Quartz body. This crystal is also referred to as Pineapple Quartz due to its resemblance to the top of a pineapple. The term Candle Quartz was given due to its appearance of dripping wax from a candle. This crystal is commonly found in Madagascar, India, Brazil, and Australia.

When you see Candle Quartz for the first time, you will immediately know that this stone is ancient. Upon touch, you can feel this old earthen energy in the palm of your hands. This energy is capable of cooling and stabilizing not only Earth’s energy but our own as well. The information we receive contains the true cataclysmic events that terraformed our environment. This volatile energy produced a mass amount of atypical, diverse energy and became encapsulated in the crystals forming at that time. Elements of wind, fire, air, and water combined to create massive calamitous energy which we can draw upon. While destruction and damage occurred, it also brought an environment capable of harnessing life. You can begin channeling energy from Candle Quartz during deep meditation sessions to help reignite the spark of the divine within your own life.