Iolite Palm Stone

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Iolite Palm Stone 2"+

Iolite is a stone of the Third Eye Chakra, and to a lesser extent, the Crown Chakra. Iolite is very spiritually-oriented and can bring visions when placed on the Third-Eye. You can also use Tumbled Iolite for dreamwork by placing it under your pillow. Iolite is said to help bring intuition and insights to the person working with this crystal.

Iolite strengthens the aura, and acquires an electric charge when in contact with it. 

Iolite can help those who are having trouble finding the spiritual self. It can help you to recognize the still, small voice within, and to discern the difference between this desired voice and your ego. Once the voice within has been heard, you can then work with Iolite to reinforce the spiritual message and to assimilate it into your environment. It can also help with the ability to communicate this message to others with clarity.